Hi everybody,
Vagabonds hostel in Belfast,simply the best hostel ever,is looking for volonteers ASAP!

We are a medium indipendent hostel close to the city centre with a cozy atmosphere and an easy going vibe.
..and some pretty crazy night as well!

The deal is accomodation and breakfast in exchange for two of hours of work everyday (cleaning time) plus a breakfast shift and an afternoon shift through the week.

We take in people for the next months,or even for a couple of weeks, to help us out.

The keyword is ASAP,as in fact we are short of staff right now,so the sooner the better..

If you are interested please contact my with a short resume and your availability to me or to [email protected].

Merry xmas!

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4 days

My name is Paisley and I'm moving to the London on the 27th of January. Upon my arrival I am hoping to book at your hostel as it is a prime location. I spent six weeks at The Astor Hyde Park on Queen's Gate and became very close to their staff and was inspired to work in a hostel for awhile as I have just finished university and am looking for something different. I have a Bachelor's in Fine Arts for English and I've also been running my own Airbnb for the past two years. Another side project that I have is my photography, which you are welcome to have a look at it if it may benefit your staff in any way.
The blog is:
Please don't hesitate to call of email back with anymore questions.
I'll pin my CV to this email as it will include references and my last jobs.
Thank you,
Paisley Sanders

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