Hi my name is Federico, I own a small hostel in San Jose, Costa Rica, Hostel Casa Del Parque. We are looking for volunteers that are willing to work 5 days, two days off, a total of 30 hours per week. We provide a dormroom bed. We do not provide the food. However you can make income by selling different services the hostel offers. You make comissions selling transports and tours. So, if you are good at sales you can make good money. If you sell 10 tours per week, you are looking at 150 american dollars per week. You will be in charge of reservations, customer service, Check Ins-Outs. If you are responsible, have a talent for sales, and a general positive attitude you will like this job. Check us out at www.hostelcasadelparque.com

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10 years

Hi My name is Juan Manuel Fredes and I am from Argentina. I have years of experience working in hostels. I am traveling South and Central America for the last five years where I did formal and volunteer hostel jobs in many different countries. I am hard working, honest, hospitable, flexible, open-minded, and an easy going person who love to have people around all the time. I find hostel work very interesting and I want to continue doing it for as long as I can.
I checked your announcement and I would love to offer my service.
If you are interested I can send more info and my CV and references on request.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Kind Regards
My contact mail is : [email protected]

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10 years

Hi Frederico,

Are you still looking for workers? I'm an American college student and would be available to come this summer. I'm very hardworking and easygoing, and I would hope to meet lots of interesting people and learn a lot about Costa Rica.

Entiendo español también (yo trabajaba en una finca en España el verano pasado). Me gustaría mejorar mi español y conocer a latinoamericanos!

Un saludo,

My email: [email protected]

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9 years

Buenos días, mi nombre es David, soy un chico español que he vivido en costa rica por años, tengo 42 años y he trabajado en el mundo de la hostelería y turismo aquí en españa, también en costa rica (Montezuma Rest) aparte de español, también hablo inglés ( nivel medio ) trabajo como salonero en diferentes sectores, restaurant a la carta, buffet, y barra. buen manejo de la bandeja y excelente trato al cliente,también he trabajado como recepcionista de un pequeño hostal aquí en españa, soy una persona divertida, alegre, dinámica y con muchas ganas de trabajar, me gustaría mucho poder vivir esta experiencia y puedo estar en costa rica por mas de 3 meses. si desean más información sobre mi, no duden en ponerse en contacto conmigo, Muchas gracias [email protected]

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Josh Hostels

9 years

We are two friends born in Argentina travelling around the world with our radio program. The idea is meeting new people and culture, podcast every tuesday from every single town or city.
We are easy going, independent and responsable we would be the perfect candidate to
• Tourism - hotel internships, travel agencies, natural and cultural tours
• Journalism and marketing - magazines - social media

We are looking for exchange work for housing , we will be in Costa Rica on february and stay for a week.

Before this trip I worked as a director for a Spanish school (ECELA)in Buenos Aires for 4 years, and my friend she is a drama teacher, but music is our passion.
I love cooking, my friend loves children, we both like pets.
We speak english and we are willing to work in anything needed.

Email: [email protected]

We would love to hear from you!

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