The Onça da Praia Hostel is located southeast in the city of Vitória, Espírito Santo.

Site: www.oncadapraia.com.br

We are recruiting volunteers to compose our crew, if you are interested please contact us.

Receptionist vacancy, the work is basically the reception and maintenance of the cleaning of the Hostel, the schedules are determined by shifts of 8 hours, 28 hours per week.

The Onça da Praia Hostel also offers tours to all the state of the Espírito Santo with amazing routes.

We offer bed in a shared room, breakfast, lunch for our crew in exchange of 28 hours per week. All work have procedures with easily comprehension and very good working environment.

We conduct all trainings based on our quality manual, we have ongoing meetings with staff always striving for continuous improvement.

There is the possibility of extending the workday with financial compensation, but it is necessary to evaluate the first 30 days and it´s not a rule.

If you are interested send me an answer with the dates of when you can arrive here and how long do you want to be with us?

The minimum stay working with us will have to be 2 months.

After a previous approval will be scheduled a final interview for approval of a maximum of 10 minutes by skype or facebook.

Best regards,

Onça da Praia Team

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6 years

Hi my name is martina im 19 and Im looking for a place to work and travel, currently I live in Montevideo, Uruguay. I study cultural managment and Im passionate about  photography. I have experience working as a sales agent and a recepcionist plus I did an internship in the production of a music festival called FIIS. Im easygoing, adventurous, openminded and Im looking forward to travel and getting to know diferent cultures. 

Im a spanish native speaker and I've studied ensglish since I was a kid so I speak and write very fluent. Im great conecting with people, dealing with customers and solving problems. I would very much like to come to work with you in the hostel so I hope you take me in consideration. 

I leave you a picture of myself and my CV so you can know a little more about me martinapodestá.pdf

Mi flikr page with some of my photography work: https://www.flickr.com/photos/146124805@N05

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