To give you a brief introduction to myself, I am James Brady and have worked for the past year at an estate agents back home in Birmingham, England. During this time I conducted property viewings, kept landlords up to date, dealt with complaints from both tenants and landlords, conducted checkouts, and also spent much time in the office completing administrative tasks such as taking phone calls and data entry. Thanks to this experience I am at ease when dealing with people and my communicative attributes are competent. For this reason I would be comfortable welcoming guests, dealing with any issues they may have, or even just simply working behind a bar.

Whilst working I took on the challenge of learning another language and German is the one that I decided on as I already had a grounding in it from school - the opportunity to progress to a near-fluent level by working in Germany would be amazing. I am a sociable and pro-active 22 year old with keen interests in sport, music, reading and traveling, which I am currently indulging in around mainland Europe. Before starting work at the estate agents I completed a Sociology degree at the University of Nottingham which was a lot of fun.

As I amin the midst of  traveling I do not have a CV to hand at present although I can happily provide references upon request. I would love to start work as soon as possible and would be willing to work for up to 8 months at your hostel. Please be in touch with me with further details of exactly what is available at the moment - it would be much appreciated.

To inform you of my current problematic circumstance, unfortunately, due to extortionate conversion charges which I have been subjected to at cash machines whilst traveling, I now have very little money and so need to hear back as soon as possible about this inquiry. I am in Poland until October 1st to celebrate my birthday with friends but, after that point (1st October) I will need to either board a plane home or (hopefully) start working at your hostel! To make things clear: I am available for an immediate start.

Sorry to push you on this but I will really need to know whether this is a feasible option for me within the next day or so. As well as my cash shortage I also have no mobile phone as this was stolen from my room whilst staying in Berlin. For this reason I may not be able to get back to you immediately, but instead, only as soon as I find a computer to use in Poland.

To give you a better idea of me, here is a link to my Facebook profile:

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile and have a great day!

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