Hi I'm from Italy and I have nigerian origins I finished my studies with a degree in Historical Sciences at the University of Bologna, after earning a bachelor's degree in contemporary History at the University of Florence. My current situation, Now I'm doing Evs (from October 2013 to July 2014) in Poland in Warsaw and I work in a school for disabled children. I describe myself as a very determined person and very ambitious, very strongly want to achieve my goals in life. From the human point of view, are sociable and friendly towards others. I love travel is my life. I know very well the reality of the hostels because my biggest passion is traveling and in the last ten months :I was in Vilnius Lithuania, twice Riga Latvia, Czech Republic Prague, Bratislava, Slovakia twice, in addition to Budapest Hungary Poland always I was staying in hostels. Now I'm interested in working with hostels Ps: [email protected] Best regards Salmon Junior Shitta

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