Hey, my name is Julian and I am a 25 year old full time traveler from New York City, NY.  I was a teacher for 4 years until I decided quit my job to pursue my passion of traveling. I have own business, website and YouTube channel as a blogger, photographer, videographer and aspire to open my own hostel in the future.

I travel the world as a social media specialist, photographer, and videographer for hostels in exchange for free accommodation and social media exposure on my website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and a feature on my Youtube channel. I can take professional photographs of hostels and surrounding areas with my Canon 1300 DSLR camera for you and send via email.

I am currently in New York but would like to leave again and work abroad in the beginning of October for my birthday. If you are interested in my services please reach out at your earliest convenience. 

I have attached a photo, my resume, and links below to my websites and social media accounts. Thank you for allowing me to join this great community and I look forward to speaking with you soon. 


Julian Garroway Jr.

World Traveler | Photographer | Videographer | Graphic Designer | YouTuber



[email protected]

(551) 689-8051

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