I am copying and pasting this from my bio on this site. Please email me at [email protected] if you are intrigued by my personal statement and are possibly interested in hiring me. Hello, I'm Bethany, I'm from Bath, England, and I am eager to gain some work experience abroad. I am currently a student of City of Bath College, on a full time course in Photography (equivalent to 3 A levels). I am a hard-working, reliable, friendly person and I love working with people and animals. At GCSE level, I got 2 A*'s, 5 A's, and 4 B's, which I believe demonstrate my ability to learn things quickly and efficiently. I have experience in retail, fast food, waitressing, dog and cat care, cleaning, and babysitting for children over the age of 5. I finish college in July 2014, and am free to work in a hostel between 15th July and August 27th (I am participating in a volunteer turtle conservation program from September1st-18th). Ideally however, I would like to start work in late 2014/early 2015, for roughly 2-4 months if possible. My desired locations to work include (but are not limited to) Japan, South Africa, India, Australia, France, Germany, Holland, Brazil, Mexico, The USA, Vietnam, and many others. Preferably I would like to work in a location that has a climate warmer than or similar to the UK, but this isn't essential. If possible, I would like to work at a job long enough to recover the cost of my flights, or work for accommodation and food - I don't mind at all. I am fluent in English, and have some basic knowledge of Japanese, French, and German. I would say I am very easy to get along with and have worked with the public since my first job - I am very good at working with people. I would love to go abroad to see new things and meet new faces, and I really hope you can consider me for a position of work in your country.

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