Live, work and play in a dynamic, highly stimulating resort property with a community of like minded individuals focused on building an innovative coworking environment. This is a unique opportunity to engage with highly energetic young people rallying behind a common cause. If you are a fan of freedom, a lover of creativity, a connector of people, a pioneer, a loyal activist, an adventurer looking for a thrilling ride, we want to collaborate. Our goal is to organize those people that get their fulfillment in life by seeing others develop, evolve, and prosper in their own way. We offer free lodging and meals at a beautiful resort property in the mountains of North Carolina (USA) for interns or volunteers looking to have the best time of their life creating an oasis for those that have the flexibility to work from anywhere. This is a classic start up environment. It is fun, energetic, and dynamic. Every individual makes a large impact. Work as hard or little as you want. We’re here not because we need a paycheck, not because we could not find a more lucrative situation, we are here to make a difference. We are here because we are happiest and most fulfilled when we help others blossom in their own way. It is empowering to be with those that clearly know their priorities in life that work with purpose and meaning, and have overwhelming confidence in what they are doing. The initiators of this movement are successful entrepreneurs that are personally funding this venture because they love serving others and working with talented people jazzed about developing a solution to a problem larger than themselves. Financial resources are not a limitation for ideas as compelling as this, and, therefore, we are happy to provide comfortable accommodations and meals to all partners on our team free of charge. The ideal intern or volunteer will be comfortable finding their own area of niche service – it may be online marketing, graphic design, strategy, public relations, writing, information technology, brand development, leading and coordinating teams, project management, recruiting, property maintenance, event planning, accounting, gardening, cheer leading, selling, film making, interior decorating, or [you fill in blank here]. There are many opportunities and we are quick to allocate important responsibilities to those willing to take a chance. This is a great way to build valuable experience, a portfolio of completed projects, and fascinating stories sure to impress any future organization, employer, school, or customer. Our location is nestled in a heavily wooded area and is ideal for those that live an active outdoor lifestyle. The resort offers facilities either on site or adjacent to the property for: tennis, hiking, swimming, biking (off road trails and scenic road cycling), trout fishing, golf (miniature and 18 holes), baseball/softball, basketball, volleyball, trail running, weight lifting, camping, and equestrian activities. All team members are encouraged to take advantage of the natural surroundings and abundance of recreational activities. Located within 15 miles of a town of 40,000 and 1.5 hours from a major international airport hub. Our workspace is as cool as innovative Silicon Valley start ups. There are two main differences, however. The cost of living is substantially lower (esp. with free food and fully furnished studio apartment with private bath) and we have the benefit of living in a resort setting in one of the most progressive outdoor communities in the USA. We offer the following lovely amenities: speedy wired and wireless internet • bottomless coffee • unlimited energy drinks • delicious and nutritious food • meeting rooms of various sizes • white boards, lots of white boards • a variety of couches and bean bag chairs • monitors • lamps • standing desks • fancy new networked printers that also copy, scan, and fax • landlines • a spot for your bike • a dog bed for your dog • basic office supplies • more cables and adapters than you could imagine • massive flat screens for movies, TED talks, and other inspirational material • the coolest people you've ever met • impressive sound system for random dance parties • a barn for your horse and more! Start date: as soon as convenient End date: whenever you feel you are no longer interested and fully engaged in your work here If interested, please create a 1-3 minute video explaining why you're a good fit and send URL to [email protected]

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One of the significant difficulties in a personal internal planning venture is not seeing eye to eye with the internal decorator. There are property owners who just don't know when to take a phase back and allow the experts to take cost of the venture. Still, there are others who seem to provide 100 % free control at first but observation about information when the venture is almost done.
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