Dear Reader, First of all, let me introduce myself. My name's Lennart. I'm 18-years young and born & raised in The Netherlands. In two months I'll by taking my finals, and I've got no plans yet for the summer. Due to my graduation and the start of a new school year I'll be available from the 9th of July 'till the 13th of August. In two months I'll finish grammar school, and after this summer I'll be going to university. The things I love to do most are entertaining people, especially children, and organizing all sorts of activities like hikes or games. Cleaning rooms or having reception-duty is also no problem beacause I like helping people and I don't mind getting my hands dirty. I'm looking for a hostel somewhere in Europe or just outside of Europe. I'd rather not go to Belgium, France or Germany because I've been there too many times already :) If you're interested, feel free to massage me! Have a nice day!

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