Hello to everyone my name is Lucio and I m a writer. I m living in London at the moment but I ll be off to Brazil from the 19th of February. From May to July I m supposed to work for the Fifa World Cup organization in Rio. I m Looking for a job as Receptionist in an Hostel in Rio or around Brazil from middle of February to middle of May. I have been already working in an Hostel in London ( http://www.london-hostels.co.uk ) as receptionist, week end manager and assistant manager for 3 years. in the last two years I have been working as extra for movies and commercials ( http://home.maddogcasting.com ) and as Tour guide for and Italian cultural association in London ( http://www.londraculturale.it/lucio-73-itit-p-d.aspx?m=1#.UrX-FaW-NuY ) I can speak fluently Italian and English. Basic French and Spanish and I m starting to study Portuguese. I m easy going and funny but when it comes to work I m organized and punctual.

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