We just opened our amazing hostal on isla mucura colombia, now we are looking for several volunteers to help us finish a couple small projects and start a large veggie garden and attend to our guests... please see us on IG hostalislamucura. Thx

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6 years


Me and my partner love the sound of your hostel and the vege patch! We previously worked in a hostel in Brazil and a permerculture farm in Chile. We are currently looking for more work like this and are in Cartagena at the moment. We are looking for work for a minimum of a months that we can really get stuck into a project. If you would like more information please let me know!

Phoebe and Sam

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6 years

I'm interested. I'm a world traveler, experienced many hostels and would like to continue. I'm also bilingual (Spanish).

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6 years


I'm interested,

please contact me for more information.

i speak spanish english and hebrew :)

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