We just opened our amazing hostal on isla mucura colombia, now we are looking for several volunteers to help us finish a couple small projects and start a large veggie garden and attend to our guests... please see us on IG hostalislamucura. Thx

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7 years

Dear guys,

It sounds very intresting to me! Im Dasha from Russia) I speak well 2 lenguages Spanish and English and I for a long time I try to find a job in a safty but beutiful and wild place.

Could you please tell me more about conditions and responcibilities? Do you provide the accomodation and meals for your volunteers of maybe some pocket money ?

Thank you for your reply!

Best regards!

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7 years

We are Ricardo Franco and Aline Franco, we are looking for jobs positions at your hostel.

We can perform multiple tasks.

We want to send ours resumes.

If there any spots open please let me know how to apply.

We are from Brazil
We can start in the summer (september or october)
We can be available up to 3 months or more it depends.
We want to learn and work hard!
We have been in hostels in the past. We have been travelling a lot, currently we are in Montevideo, Uruguay.

We can speak 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish)

Please contact: [email protected] or Skype naslund72

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