Hi everyone! My name's Iona, I'm from Scotland and I'm travelling around Europe with my friend Annaliese for ten months. We fly to Brussels on the 14th of October and have a route planned out but nothing confirmed so at the minute we're just trying to get some plans sorted. We would be over the moon if any hostels are able to offer work; we worked as receptionists in Naples, Italy over the summer last year and it was one of the best things ever so we'd love to have a similar experience again. We can offer any customer service roles as we both work in retail and have plenty experience working with people (on top of that we're very sociable and love meeting new people -especially fellow travellers) but we'd be happy to do pretty much anything (like cleaning or any other jobs). We're planning to visit Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Italy (inc. Sicily), France, Spain and Portugal. The only places we're not staying for at least a month are Belgium, Austria, Poland and Hungary. Let me know if you want to know more or even have any advice on getting work in hostels as we've only ever went through Workaway before. Thanks very much :-)

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I'm happy to see this will be caught up with a great article. I think a great travelers expect it will be anything but difficult to get work and it can be very troublesome. Terrible tourism seasons can hurt potential in those business sectors and, in my experience, European directors can be very unoriginal about their Help Services By Assignment Empire.

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