Hi I'm Ro, I'm a fun loving, nature loving born hippie (not a smelly one but one with all the ethos!!!) I'm 27 and am embarking in a trip/working tour of Europe, since listening to the tales of my dad travelling and living in tipis I have wanted to explore the world and meet the world and as many if its beautiful people as possible. I love people, magic, moments of wonder and most of all smiling and laughing with those around me. I strive to live in harmony with my surroundings and life has presented an opportunity to get out there and do it in a free spirited way. My husband and I are starting in Greece as I honour the Greek deities, we are looking for casual work which will offer opportunity to work in lively but relaxed and beautiful places with lovely people, I am a lover of life and wish to put all my bar, waitress, hospitality, painting and decorating and marketing experience to good use surrounded by similar minded people. Rob is a very musical person with experience in creating camps, workshops, meditations etc and is also a professional magician so very good for entertaining guests and staff alike. I have an open mind and can't wait to meet the world. I am looking for work from 7th September onwards- for at least 2 weeks at a time but will consider anything really

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