Heyhey everyone,

I'm Lena, 18 years old, from Germany and currently travelling around Europe. For the period of time from end of June to start of Septemeber, I'm looking for a fun (and paid) job in a hostel anywhere in Europe. 

I have no countries where I'd prefer to stay, I'm open for any city with a cool hostel and a nice team! I could work in the positions of a receptionist, bartender, waitress and cook! 

Through some volunteering work and of course lots of stays in different european hostels, I already gained some experienc with hostels and the work in the hospitality sector. I speak German, English, French and, since some months, Italian fluently, which means that I have no problems to work in a big international team and together with international guests!

If you're interested in me to join the team of YOUR hostel, I'd be happy if you'd contact me via my hosteljob profile!

Cheers, Lena! 

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