Hello! My name is Willy Cowperthwaite, I am 18 years old and live in Denver, Colorado, USA. I recently graduated High School last year, and I am currently on a gap year before I return home to finish my education at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I wanted to take this time before I go back to school to experience the world outside of what I am used too. The first half of my year was spent in Peru and Ecuador, traveling to different places, volunteering, learning spanish, teaching english, and meeting people from around the world. During my travels, I realized that a great number of amazing people I met, I met in a hostel. Whether it was a fellow visitor, an employee, or the manager, it seemed that every person involved with the hostels I stayed in, were exceptional people. This observation immediately made me want to be a part of a hostel community. I am a hard working and social young adult who has lots of help to give.

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