Hello, I'm Alice, from Sicily and I was wondering if you needed some help at the hostel. I Have just graduated in foreign languages and cultures and now I'm taking a break (and also a breath), working as a bartender untill I’ll decide what I want to do later on. I can speak english, russian and spanish. I have already been part of a hostel staff both as a volunteer and as a paid worker in Scotland and Saint Petersburg (night shift at the reception, generale cleaning, managing reservations, making dinner for the staff and the guests). After falling in love with the atmosphere of hostels, I decided to look for a hostel job somewhere in Spain to improve my Spanish and explore the area. I would like to work, but I could also think about a volunteering experience/pocket money. I have not plans about my departure, so I can stay as much as needed. I would like to come over together with my boy friend Simone. It's not a problem if the work schedule will not let us spend all the time together, it would even be ok for us to find place in different hostels in the same city. He has already helped at a hostel too and now he is working as a tour guide on Mount Etna, our volcano, so he is looking for a volunteering experience to stay abroad for 2 or 3 months. He can speak english and he would like to improve his spanish. We both are openminded people and we love to travel with the backpack, meet new people and know other culture and lifestyle and to party.

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