Hello !!! My name is Sandra Ramírez Aguilar, I am from Spain and I am 23 years old. I’ m studying architecture . Last year I was on Erasmus in Croatia for 10 months, one of the best experiences of my life. Living 10 months abroad with people from all over the world, has helped me to confirm what I already knew, I love to travel, to learn new cultures and to surpass myself. On the other hand, studying and living amongst foreign people has also improved my English a lot. I still have to finish this year of my studies and complete my master's degree , for which I have received a scholarship to study in Chile. So my idea is to work all the summer abroad, for 3 simple reasons: keep improving and practicing my English, earn some money for year abroad in Chile and, the most important one, start a new adventure. The idea is to move as soon as I finish my studies this year, which would be the last week of June. And return to Spain at the beginning of September. I have enough experience as a waitress, because it is not the first summer I work, I have also been combining my studies with a job in the kitchen of a restaurant during the weekends. I am a person who adapts easily, hardworking and eager to learn. My English is good and I can speak it without any hesitation.
Therefore, if you need to cover any job, you can count on me.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Kind regards.
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