Hello my German friends!

I'm a 22 year old Australian girl with another 23 year old Australian girl hoping to work in Germany during Oktoberfest in exchange for free accomodation. (But of course, if you will pay us, we won't decline)

We are hardworking, optimistic travellers with experience with hospitality and retail industry. We would be the perfect duo to draw in more tourists to your event/pub/hostel and bring more fun to the party.

We are native English speakers, but can also speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and French between the both of us. As a bonus, we also know some funny German phrases. E.g. Du siehst aus vie ein eichhornchen ;) (Please don't ask me how I learnt that). But of course, we're looking to learn more German and would be more than delighted to learn some from you lovely folks.

Please message us if you have anything available and we can send in our CV/ interview via Skype. 

Enjoy your day!


Vanessa & Izzy

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