Hello, I am Claudia and I would like to go to France, live there and work there for a sojourn. I would like to go there at the end of January/ beginning of February.

I didn't work in any hostel before but I was au-pair in Brussels and at home I am always helping my parents with house tasks as cleaning, dishwasher, laundry, serve meals... etc.

I am really interested in the south of France, they said that there the weather is nice and the landscapes also, I am looking for a new start alone,  I am a very independent

person who likes to travel, learn languages and live and work in other countries. I would like to go to Toulouse, I heard a lot about the city and I think is an open-mind place

with a really interesting ambiance, I lived in Bologna (Italy) and when I saw photos of Toulouse I remembered so much this city and my wonderful experience there.

I will be a teacher so I think this the best idea to learn and grow up, travel and know the world at a young age.

If are interested in offer me a job or you have any ideas of what could I do to know Toulouse and the south of France, you can take a look

at my profile: is really long and there I explain more or less who I am.

Greetings to all and thanks in advance! :)

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