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Im lamia from Algeria looking for an opportunity to work in any service sector at hotel or hostel in found that career is strong match my favorite work place which its more interaction  with Customers how to manage and make hard to ocustomers offer bring something nicely toward guests and full their satisfaction im people person I'm who jotting quick to talk with anyone else with good intentions is my usual behave. I'm flexible and unpeate, take runs finding always which appropriate for guests entertainment. I'm who have funniest, and cheerfully character , bring extra offer. How wonderful to meet new people exchange thoughts and ideas. I'm jotting you let u know that I'm graduate someone in management field.I didn't get yet full time job in my domain. I want share the most interesting training, part job  to express my skills and knowledge  in the career jobs opportunity with any would share my email for any tuned cases. 

[email protected] 

I would greatly appreciate any information from whoever reads this!

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