Hi, my name is Andrew. I'm 25 years old from Des Moines, Iowa, USA. I lived for 12 months in Dublin, Ireland during grad school, and now I have the strong desire to see more of the world. I've been to Mexico, the UK, Spain, Vienna, and Prague, but each trip leaves me wanting more. To this end, I've decided to take some time out and travel and work my way around. I've been working for a large US bank for nearly a year and half now, and it's definitely time for a change. My apartment lease is up in September, so that is as good a time as any to strike out for awhile and see the places I want to see. I'm looking to start moving somewhere in mid-September or October. I prefer Europe, but I'd also be open to Latin America or the Caribbean. I'm looking for something that gives me a month or two at a time in one place, so I can really get to experience a new place, but then I'm able to move on to the next place. I have a Masters in history, speak a bit of Spanish (it's rusty but it comes back pretty easily with use), and I'm handy both in the kitchen and fixing things around the house. I worked retail in college, a year in sales between university and graduate school, and now I'm in a corporate setting, so my work experience is varied and covers a lot of bases. My bartender friend is showing me the ropes right now, so I'll be able to tend bar in the near future. My old website from

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12 years

Hey Andrew,
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