Hey, my name is Brahm. Since I live pretty close to Amsterdam they nicknamed me Bramsterdam, which is how i introduce myself aswell now a days while travelling. In a month I will have been around the sun for my 22nd time. I'm currently a student and I'll be graduating next year with a bachelors degree.

I am looking for an opportunity to volunteer at a hostel, I've been doing small trips across europe this year so I know what typical hostels are like. I'm very relaxed and social, which are good traits to have in a hostel. I speak fluent english too, however no spanish/portuguese. I do not have work experience that have a direct connection with hostels, however I adapt/learn pretty quick.

I'm very flexibile in regards to your location, my interests are Bartender, pubcrawls & receptionist, however I'm open for other functions aswell!!

I'll be available from the 7th of july till the 15th of august, hope to hear from you.

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