Is there any hostel out there offering normal paid 8- hours shifts??
It looks like everyone is just looking for volunteers, which in my opinion is terrible. I've worked with volunteers and have stayed in hostels where volunteers worked. More or less they are awesome adittion to hostel's vibe, as they are mostly travellers wanting to mingle and spend time with other travellers. But since their main goal is to gain a little bit of new experiences and have the full experience in the ultimate "Europe trip" and not spend money on accommodation, they could never be as good receptionists as someone working behind the reception desk for few years. Also, volunteers tend to stay three weeks/ a month, so I honestly don't know how can they become a independent workers by the time they move on to another country. 
But all the hostels I send e-mail too and all the hostels searching for new team members, are searching for volunteers! Why?! I adore this job, it is more than a job, it defines you as a person, it makes you so much more conciderate to everyhing around you, BUT I still need money to survive in this world. Unfortunately. I don't have 17 years anymore. Unfortunately for that too.

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7 years

Hi, i thinks that if you want to find a 8 hours jobs in a hostels you need to change planet. Welcome in the new life. So really i think that here you will have a problem to find it. 

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7 years

Hi KatarinaB, 

In my experience, paid jobs in hostels are out there in the world and very possible. However, hostel owners and managers will rarely advertise for these positions on websites like HostelJobs which are targeted more toward working travelers.  

Keep in mind, there may be local regulations that prevent the business owner from advertising jobs to "foreigners" so paid work for travelers is almost always offered in person once the owner or manager has met you. Volunteering is frequently a way to get the personal introduction as you know at least your accommodation will be covered.   

Not sure if you are looking to work in a hostel away from home, but we always recommend you have enough reserve funds to stay someplace else or even travel home if the hostel job turns out not to be the dream job you thought it was.  

Hope this helps.  

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7 years

its not what you know its who you know.

in dublin now getting a dorm is like getting a job your fighting againts 1000s or migrant working from tgird world backgrounds.

they wont let a hostel job slip through there hands to a stranger.

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Rucksack Brian

7 years

The smaller the hostel is, the less likely they will be to have paid jobs advertised. As others have pointed out, those positions will be offered to people who the managers have met in person and who understand and appreciate the hostel's atmosphere/service/philosophy. Plus there are fewer positions to fill in a smaller hostel.

Bigger hostels may be more inclined to advertise paid positions if for no other reason than they probably have more positions to fill.  They will also probably follow the local emplyment laws more strictly, which would preclude any applicants who do not have the legal right to work in the respective country.

Applicants who don't have the right to work should not expect any hostel, regardless of the size, to put their business at risk by violating labor laws.  Applicants who DO have the right to work and who intend to stay with the hostel long-term should reasonably be able to expect to get paid for that work, even if the hostel also works with volunteers.

My recommendation: find a hostel you love, and ask if they're hiring.

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