Hello all! I suppose we are all here because we share the same dream, the dream of making a career that satisfies our wanderlusting hearts. I can't disagree that is a reason why I am on here, but it is not the only reason. I have had the priviledge of working in hospitality and I absolutely love it. There is something to be said about welcome guests to a place that they will call shelter for a day, a weekend, a week, or possibly longer. Along with that you get to be the person that asist the guests make their dream adventures a reality as you educated them on the city they are in, help them book reservations, give recommendation, and just share your own stories and experiences. I want to make a career that lets me inspire the same passion I have for seeing the world into other people. Life is not lived by staying in place, for we are meant to be mobile. Also, the other reason on I am on here is because if the quote in my title wasn't a clue, I am literary traveler. I am big nerd, and I would love to create a blog that showcases the travels to destinations that have been the settings for cinematic, literary, and theatrical masterpieces. Everyone knows the basics, like Harry Potter using King's Cross Station for Platform 9 3/4, but what about lesser known places. Another example, Game of Thrones used Kirkjufell in Iceland for an iconic location North of the Wall. I have had the pleasure of seeing this moutain myself, and it is thrilling experience making the connection of what you are experiencing and see to what was happening at this location in the show. Has anyone else traveled to a location just because your favorite show filmed there? Did you get that feeling of being transported into the show, as you played out the scene in your head? Well, that is what happens to me, and I want to share those types of experience with my other nerdy dreamers. Work, Travel, Read/Write, and Live... that is the ultimate dream. 

Anyway, please feel free to comment. I welcome feedback. 

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