Hi, im Tyguepaulo, a 26-year-old craft-maker from Glasgow, Scotland. A recent Three Dimensional Design graduate from the University of Gray’s School of Art. I am yet to gain experience working at a hostel, however, most of my city break I have stayed in hostel, personally, it is unique, fun and affordable. I do have experience in the hospitality and catering and in customer service.

I am looking to work and stay abroad in a challenging but fun environment that provides generous opportunities to exploit my current skills and knowledge and also help me to further develop these skills, probably 3 to 6 months.

Committed and hardworking, willing to deliver my service up to best of my capabilities with a friendly and cheerful personality who enjoy meeting new people. Capable working within a team and also working independently with minimal supervision are my strength.

Other relevant work experience includes working with equipment’s, preparing and ensuring health and safety within the workshop.

I enjoy being physically active, cycling and fishing asides from drawing and problem solving a design brief. I find these to be a relaxing break from creative activity of craft and design, allowing me to be active and healthy whilst also relieving stress.

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