I would like to be given the opportunity to work in Santorini as I have a great love of Greece and Greek culture. I travelled to Greece last year and was fortunate enough to visit a number of ancient ruins; to travel through Athens, Olympia, Delphi, Tolo and Nafplio, and stay with a local Greek family. Through my travels I am definitely keen to work in Greece, but on a small, quieter island such as Santorini. In addition to this, I have some further travel experience as I travelled for 3 weeks from Beijing to Shanghai in 2012, where I stayed in a number of youth hostels, and I was able to mix with a diverse range of people, and cultures. I have a degree in English, and I am currently doing a Masters in Classical Studies with the Open University, focusing primarily on Greek culture, and the Greek Theatre. I have extensive experience in customer service and performing administrative duties, as well as being proficient in all Microsoft/office based computer packages. I have a level 2 qualification in Business and Administration, and I am also in the process of completing a level 2 course in Equality and Diversity, which is due for completion in March. I am keen to work in an office based environment, as well as working on reception, but I am of course willing to assist with any other duties that may be required as I am always happy to help out in any role that may need to be filled, but please note that I do not have a driving licence. I currently reside in the UK but I shall be available from the beginning of May 2014 onwards. If you do wish to discuss things further, please be aware that I am on Skype, should you wish to converse ‘face-to-face.’I do also have a CV available on request. Please note that I am extremely enthusiastic to work in Santorini, which I hope the above information conveys, and I look forward to hearing from you in due course. Thanks Tamara Vollrath

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