Hello: My name it's joan and i'm 33 years old. I'm graduated in computer science and from this web i start to in Barcelona. I'm searching a place where sleep in the city and i think thst helping in a hostel or hotel can be a very good method. I have ecperience working in a reception of a hotel during 3 years and i have expeeience serving in a bar during 3 years too. I can have more jobs if you need too like clean or help in the kitchen or work like a guide because i know a lot barcelona. In languages i can speak 5 different languages. Catalan and spaniah are my mother tongues, i have a very good level in english and italian and i speak a little of french too. I love know people from countries around the world and in the actually i have friends in countries like france, uk, switcherland, italy or japan. If you need any help, please, contact to me. I'm ready for work!!!

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