Hello. I'm totally new to this website. I was checking some job opportunities online to work abroad and keep it going through obtaining a permanent residency in the country. I'm quite rich by myself but not really rich enough to do anything risky to open my own hostel or franchise to see if it could help my life abroad. Then I found this website. I could work or volunteer for over 5 years or so to get the permanent residency in another country, and probably I could have friends to keep my life going in the same manner in a new community. I'm quite a reader, a writer, and a programmer. But I haven't work with new programming skills these days. I do love learning new languages on Busuu.com and Livemocha.com. I can teach ESL online as well. There are possibility of economic citizenship for gaining an instant citizenship in a foreign country, but I thought about gaining a permanent residency first from an easy job (I can work online for supporting myself) and save the money for something I can do in future. My long term goal might be getting a hostel by my own after working with the one in the area and moved to a new location where people need one. It could be just a flat I bought or rented and make the few rooms to be available as a hostel or a B&B. But I need a better long term experience to know how to do it better. I'm just trying to see if this works to get an easy job abroad for a long term. Thanks for reading my introduction. http://www.hosteljobs.net/sites/all/modules/smileys/packs/Roving/wink.png

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