Hi all!

My name is Ben, I’m a student who loves to travel and help others go after their passions. 

I’m in the process of drafting a book that is tentatively called “Post Grad Gap Year: Travelling After College”. It will be a collection of interviews with people about their experiences with jobs they’ve had abroad. They are jobs that allow them to travel and experience the local culture of a place (ie: English teachers, tourism industry, service industry, etc). The hope is to inspire readers (mostly college students) to experience the joys of traveling before settling for an office job that they are often pushed toward. 

I have a publisher and editor all lined up, so all that’s left for me to do is talk with people who’ve worked abroad! No matter the job, I’d love to hear your stories and share your experiences. 

If you have an experience you’d be willing to share, please message me, or email me at [email protected]. I’d love to setup a call to chat!

Together, we can get more people to take the leap and travel. 


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