Dear World, I am from South Africa, Cape Town. Traveling Europe and currently in Gent, Belgium. This morning I woke up and thought I would take it this to the next level, which I would like to ask the following: 1. I am looking for a traveling buddy 2. capable of surviving on a small budget 3. travel as far as possibly possible 4. blogging capabilities (Hostels, Restaurants, Activities, etc.) The reason the blogging site I am currently working on is that I do not have money to travel and through this I (WE) can make the travel easier for vendors to supply a free-meal or two / bed to sleep or two, in exchange for a spot on the blog about the vendor with details and reviews that can form part of marketing for them and the blogging site. Are you creative in making something like this happen? Please message me and lets make this possible in the next "FEW DAYS" to start the travels. Improvisation 101. Awe.

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6 years

I am interested!

I am Nayra, a 28 yo girl from Brazil. I am a really sociable and smily person who has worked in hostels for over a year. I never had the chance to go abroad, so now I am looking forward to have this experience. Since I am still studying at university, I would like to find a Summer job for 2 months - June and August.
I speak fluent Portuguese and English and just need to improve my Spanish and French.

[email protected]
whatsapp: +5521969867109

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6 years

I am interested in dear,

Europe travel is famous of every tourist who want to go and have craze in his mind to see the Europe but now i am business man and just came back to the raleigh ny tour and what i do if i want to go with you in this tour...

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Josh Hostels

6 years

Traveling isn't cheap even staying in hostels so spend wisely or you'll soon get broke unless and in Europe is famous place for the visitors niagara falls tours from nyc and after that i will make plan for the tour to abother place during the vacation...

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