Hi there! We're a newly opened hostel in the centre of Lisbon. We need someone to help with night shifs in exchange of bed and breakfast, so please contact us if you're planning to be around Smile Thanks, Cláudia

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9 years

Hi Claudia
I'm available for this role. I'm planning to visit and explore Spain and Portugal. So I'd like to be there for a voluntary work. Even if I don't know portuguese I'm willing to learning quickly. I know English well and speak a bit of french.
I only want to know more about the hours of work at day and at week.
Thank you


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9 years

Hello Claudia!

I would love to help out at your hostel!

I would like to explore portugal in this kind of way, I do not speak portugese but my English is more than sufficient and I can easily communicate in German and French.

If it is possible I would like to work for housing, because I do not have any adresses to stay in Lisbon. Also I would like to learn more about the working hours.


Kalai van Vossen

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ilona semy

9 years

My name is Ilona I am from Israel ,I am 26 years old,RIGHT NOW traveling across Europe my current location is Berlin,I would like to discover more countries especially one as Portugal.so I am up to any kind of job that will provide me free living and food .I studied tourism as main course of my studies and I did work at reception IN A HOTEL in Tel Aviv so I think I do have a background for a hostel job,I am sociable and kind,outgoing,open minded,hardworking,reliable person.
I speak fluent english and RUSSIAN,hebrew of course.
my PHONE NUMBER 00972547233568
my email : [email protected]

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9 years

Hellow I'm Óscar 25

Now I work in ibiza like a waiter in a hotel. I want go to Portugal this winter for learn portuguese, because in winter I travel for learn differents lenguages I was work in London and Montpellier and this winter my first option is Portugal, is for this reason I write you, I hope more info and can speak with you.

My e-mail: [email protected]

Thank you, Óscar

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9 years

My name is Sara . I am 25 years old, from Spain.
Since I finished my career two years ago, I studied Image and sound (Audiovisual) in Salamanca,Spain.
I love photograpy and trave travell, of course i love take pictures in my travells

I'm a friendly person, reliable, funny,active, energetic, tidy and hardworking...
Also i like cinema and music (I can play the piano).
I also love play sports like riden bike, playe tennis, play basket,etc..
I have had my driving license for three years. I can cook.

In the last year i worked in London in a hostel like housekeeping, i have experiencie in hostel and in a restaurant.
I am a creative person with great motivation to work. I like to do my work and leave nothing unfinished. I am a person who learns easily and puts a lot of effort to make things go smoothly.


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9 years

I will be in Lisabon in December, ready to help if needed. I am a 23 years old student from Poland, have already some experience in working with tourism and speaking some useful languages:) let me know on [email protected] if you would like to get my CV:)
hope to hear from you soon,

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8 years


I am planning to come to Lisbon, Portugal for 2-3 months in March. I am looking for any internship/ volunteer opportunity. I would love to work with you guys as a Volunteer or Free Guide or Intern. I would love to work with you in any way I can.

Currently I am working as a PR and Marketing Executive at www.365hops.com. Next month I am joining a hostel chain in India ‘www.stopshostels.com’ as an intern. I also meet a lot of people through couchsurfing to show / guide them about all the attractions in Delhi and all over India. I don't charge money for this. I do this to learn about different cultures and also to save them from overpaying for every second thing so that they leave our country with positive memories.

Here is my couchsurfing profile- https://www.couchsurfing.com/users/1007479095/profile

Here is my facebook profile-

I am hardworking and quick learner. I am a traveller by heart. I like to indulge in different cultures and learn about different traditions. If you have any vacancy, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

I would love to hear from you guys.

Vineet Gupta

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Zaira Dominique...

8 years

Dear Claudia,

I would love to help you out in your hostel.

I am a 23 year-old freshly graduated student of Cinema & Art and I ì'm looking for volunteer opportunities till the beginning of my master in September 2015.

I have experience as waitress, bartender and b&b tenant I I speak fluently English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, a little Danish. I could grab this chance to learn some Portuguese, too!

I attached my resumé.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any futher information.

All the best,


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Ursi Zoe

8 years

Hi! My name is Zoe. Im very interested and total free for begin in very feel days.
Please contact to me for any Job.
[email protected]

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8 years

hey, im pedro and i want to stay a couple of weeks in lisbon, i'll be a good volunteer for you, got hostel experience!! [email protected]

i'll arive lisbon at the 19th of august

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