What has been your weirdest travel experience? Did you eat any weird foods? Get into any embarrassing intercultural communication problems? Weird hostel roommates?

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7 years

Travelling is a thing that probably everybody fond of to and it goes more exciting with the best buddies. We used to go on long trips while we were in hostel. Several times we have got problems related to communication problem, problem with our car, problem in food, shelter etc. but it was fun to resolve them all in a group. In fact, that are the most exciting moments of my life that I'll miss always. But my kind suggestion to all, please make a planned trip so that you won't be stuck with any problem especially the car problem because it is the most hardest to overcome. Keep your car serviced and make sure whether it can make the trip or not, prior to the trip. 

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7 years

Baltimore City has been both weird and wonderful but my weirdest travel experience to Baltimore especially was the time I was gangstalked, harassed and cyber stalked by HOMELAND SECURITY. I am held over in Washington DC for the time being but ever since I left Baltimore life has not been the same. Pray for me.

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5 years

That's a really dangerous place, Myanmar. It's a battlefield.

Meanwhile in Montreal and Vancouver, I tried poutine. (It's a dish of cheese, chips and gravy.) But they don't know in Vancouver how to make poutine.

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