At the very moment, I am close to graduate from my school and use my limited spare time to search for a job before starting at an art folk school in January. In many years I have wanted to be and work in London over an extended period, meeting new people from all over the world. And finally the time has come! But why should we hire you? Having grown up as the oldest sibling in a family with only one parent, I have naturally become a responsible and reliable man with many duties who understands how to cooperate and compromise with people. I like to be in control of what I do both in the present and future and has therefore a systematized approach to my everyday and life. I am a perfectionist in almost everything I do, yet without being pedantic or annoying. Thus, I am not some kind of a control, dictatorial monster but on the other hand a sweet and happy (young) man who fancies being around many people, seeing good things in everyone no matter who they are or what they are. Do you have any skills or work experience? In August 2012, I applied for my first real job at a McDonald's in Gentofte (just outside Copenhagen) and was lucky to get the job within a few minutes, talking with the manager. The job has given me several skills and countless experiences with both colleagues and customers that have been both rewarding and some times difficult because of the stressful work environment. Nevertheless, during the time at McDonald's, I want to point beyond one thing that I certainly have acquired, namely the capability to constantly deliver a personal service with politeness, kindness and a big smile that can cheer up any customer's low spirits. Furthermore, in the end of 2014, I lead and directed an alternative musical version of George Orwell's “Animal Farm” at my school with more than hundred people interested in drama. Throughout the process from manuscript to three performances, I learned how to concretely communicate with many people and make myself clear and comprehensible as a leader. I believe that it would be a benefit in predicaments with confused and distressed tourists because I understand how to maintain control of situations with dissatisfied people asking difficult and sometimes unfair questions. Thus, in spite of my rather small work experience, I understand how to communicate with many people and deal with customers no matter if they are sweet, angry or confused, keeping calm with a big smile and good spirits. I fluently speak danish (I am from Denmark)and english, plus a moderate german. I am honest, reliable and always ready to deliver a varied and sweet service without becoming a robot. Please, contact me anytime so I can go into details and answer your possible questions. You can call, write, or skype me! I am so much more than words in an application! Yours sincerely Mr Kasper Hübertz Larsen +21200916 [email protected]

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