Hello, my name is Maha. I am 24 years old.
I am an Erasmus Mundus Master’s Student in Work Psychology. I currently live and study between Barcelona, Spain and Cesena, Italy.

I have lived in 5 countries so far: Tunisia ( my home country, for 19 years), Lebanon ( for four years), California, US (for 3 months), Italy (for 6 months) and currently Spain (for 5 months). My international academic background is what allowed me to live abroad and experience different cultures and meet with different people.

Other than these countries, I have visited Jordan, Algeria, France, Netherlands, Belgium,  Turkey and Germany. There is nothing  that I  value more than travelling and for that reason I am very looking forward to this work experience at your hostel. I am also very eager to execute different tasks as I have trained students in the past and directed associations and advertised for its work and events. I am also enthusiastic to improve my handyman tasks and learn more manual work if needed.

Finally, I am fluent in Arabic, English and French. I also speak and understand Italian (Intermediate level). 

As for my availability: The earliest that I can start is on the 15th of July, 2019 until the 30th of August ( end date is flexible).

I am looking forward to hearing from you :) 

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