Hi, My name is CeeCee, I have a wonderful husband and we have 4 beautiful children that we would love to travel the world with. There's no education like a first hand experience! We want them to have the world at their feet, and I do not feel like they will have a broad enough perspective just living in one country their entire lives. Plus, I was a kid when I saw most of the places I've been (outside of America). I would love to visit Madrid, Spain, where I was born, as well as many more countries that I haven't been to, or just don't remember. I am a military brat, and we lived a few different places, but I don't remember many. I'd love to see Guam again, we lived there for 4 wonderful years. My husband has never traveled outside of the US, nor our children, and I aim to remedy that as soon as possible! To get to the point, we are looking for any information, advice, names of Hostels/hotels that will allow both of us to work- hopefully opposite shifts, so one parent will be with kiddos at all times- and allow us to have our children with us. We don't mind sharing a small room, as long as it is safe and private. We do not shy away from hard work, and our oldest will be able to work many jobs, as well. That's a possibility of 3 hard workers in exchange for a place to stay. We are hoping to stay at each destination 6 months at a time, if good work can be found. A wage would be nice, but we mostly just want to know that we don't have to pay for a room and board. (a meal or two would be nice, but not imperative) I know that this is not much of an introduction at all, I'm just really hoping I can find something positive about finding jobs in hostels while traveling as a family. So far I've come up short and been disappointed at every turn. I am afraid that this may be the only way we will be able to travel, and if we don't find some promising job leads ahead of time, we may not get to go at all. (My husband wants to know beyond a doubt that we will have somewhere to stay) My husband and I are super fun, our kids are well behaved and just sweet as pie! We both have a vast array of skill sets that would be perfect for working in hostels, and we are very passionate about the opportunity that this presents for us. Thank you for the opportunity here, with this awesome web site. We hope to make friends and connections across the globe!

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