We are a young couple graduating from university in December 2019. We are full of life, eager to travel, and ready to work hard! Both of us have a long history in the service industry. From fine dining to coffee-making, our work has always centered around giving people a positive and delightful experience. We've also both spent time volunteering on farms in the southeastern United States, so we aren't afraid to get dirty. Through our work, we've both developed a passion for making others happy, and through the skills we gain on this journey, we hope to open our own bed and breakfast one day.

We want to immerse ourselves in a new culture and work towards learning a new language (if needed). We're willing to work anywhere in the world. We are planners, and we want to secure work as soon as possible so that we may begin learning the language, seeking visas, and setting ourselves up with the necessary skills for success. Beginning in March 2020, we will be available for work. Preferably, we want to stay at a site for 6 months or more.

Collectively, these are our skills:

-Three years of management experience

-7 years working in customer service industry

-Degree in Sociology

-Degree in Sustainable Technology

-Proficient in Microsoft Office

-Professional Writing Skills

-OSHA certified

-Ablilty to perform light electrical work

-Experience with solar and wind energy

-Willingness to learn anything!


My work experience paired with my education in sociology has provided me with a deeper understanding of people and offers me the skills to succeed in guest relations. Through managing a coffee shop, I've gained the skills of responsibility and pride in one's work, ensuring that the job is done well every day. Because life is very busy, I've created daily schedules for myself that involve healthy meals, exercise, school, and work, and even allow me time to work on photography and videography. This self-motivated desire to make the most out of my time allows me maximum productivity and has offered me time management and daily planning skills.


I took more of an alternative route with education. I studied three years of Positive Psychology, and decided to practice what I was learning about "happy people." Since then, I've volunteered at four different organic farms, and have learned how to work with sustainable technologies and electrical work. I strive to be as self sufficient as possible. Throughout my years I've worked at a few restaurants ranging from managing a community pizza shop to fine dining in the major tourist city of Savannah, GA. I strive for work that keeps me connected to the good side of humanity, which is why I love the service industry. 

Thank you for spending the time reading a little about us, and I hope you will consider us as potential partners in the coming year.


Aleah and Maria

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