Is there anyway the admins of this site can please work on the features to browse for job offers? Its an absolute nightmare to find anything and when you think you did you look at the date it was posted and its been years...Can you please help with that Hosteljobs site managers? Thank you very much!

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Rucksack Brian

7 years

Hi Angela,

There is a ton of development happening now on the HostelJobs site.  Some of it has been implemented already, and some of it will roll out as the developers finish each feature.  

Are there specific features for browsing jobs that would be helpful for you?  While the development team is doing their best to make features that will be useful, it is always good to hear directly from the people who are using the site to make sure we’re on the right track and focusing our efforts in the right places.  Any feedback you can give is helpful!

To save you some time when you browse through the job listings, the date that it was posted or the date of the last update is now listed in the bottom right of each job post.

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