I have just skimmed through the first 3 pages of the Jobs Available forum and found a total of 3 (yes 3!) jobs advertised. All for the same place and all on the same page. None of the other posts on those 3 pages had anything to do with working in hostels despite that (supposedly) being the main topic of conversation on this forum. Sadly a quick look at the other forums proved that this is not an isolated incident. I can't speak for everyone but when I use this site it's because I'm looking for information about travel and working abroad, not health products, news or links to TV episodes. I realise that some people might appreciate that sort of information but I fail to see why those posts cannot be confined to the Off Topic forum. Obviously any message board runs the risk of going off-topic, now and then. To find entire pages without a single relevant post on them, however, is beyond a joke. I hope that there is something that can be done about this, as trawling through umpteen pages in order to gather half-a-page worth of relevant information is not my favourite activity. It's certainly not why I signed up to this website.

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