have tried multiple times on multiple devices. very frustrating!!

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Rucksack Brian

11 months

I’m so sorry about the frustration.  We have been working overtime on updating the entire website for the last few months, and that may have caused some of the issues.  The new system should be able to handle uploading media much better.

It's extra annoying if this picture won't load

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Nicole Patricia

10 months

Has this been fixed? As every time I try upload my photo for worker profile the image is pixelated even though I have resized it within the given dimesions...

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Rucksack Brian

9 months

Hi Nicole,

Morrigan’s original picture issue was with the old site before we launched the new version.  Thank you so much for letting us know that you’re still having issues loading your avatar image now.

We have sent this up the line to the programmers to have a look and hopefully find a solution.  We would like to be able to do a lot more with the profile pictures in the future, so we are definitely keen on getting this issue fixed as soon as possible.

Thanks again!

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4 months

I cannot load my profile picture either,

and I cannot apply for any position because I don´t have my profile picture.

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