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Hi to you all :)MillerpinsIntroduce Yourself 1
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Native English speakers wanted (Istanbul / Turkey)feodosiaOther Travel Work 6
Native English speakers wanted (Istanbul / Turkey) feodosiaTeach English Abroad 16
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Pizza Chef needs a change of scenery before he goes mental!Darth DudleyIntroduce Yourself 0
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25 year old American with Irish passport living in Spain looking for work on the Atlantic Coast of EuropematthewjprIntroduce Yourself 0
spanish/chilean looking for a hostel job in london or amsterdamrodckosoIntroduce Yourself 0
Looking for a hostel experience :)valeIntroduce Yourself 0
29 years old French looking for a hostel job from mid June or July onMaryHIntroduce Yourself 1
21 year old Dutchman looking for a hostel jobLeanderIntroduce Yourself 0
23 year old Dutch student looking for a hostel job. I am available until the end of this yearLars EshuisIntroduce Yourself 0
Experienced hostel manager looking for job Alen_LasIntroduce Yourself 2
Paid Hostel Reviewers and Travel WritingJosh HostelsOther Travel Work 0
21 year old multilingual Irishman looking for seasonal position in the GaeltachtAndyP1992Introduce Yourself 0
Social California manager/student looking for summer hostel work in another countrymy_sqwishey2006Introduce Yourself 0
Kafka was right, Prague has sharp claws and does not let you goJulianoMIntroduce Yourself 0